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Media Art, Editing and Voiceover by Thorsten Wenning

Castle Rain Sounds for Sleeping

This video is an experiment, because I created this Castle Rain Sounds for Sleeping composition as a Dimmed Screen Video. To describe it in short words, after the intro the video will be dimmed, so you are not distracted by the visuals, but they will still be there. Therefore it works similar to my other Dark Screen Rain Videos for Relaxing Sleep, Meditation, ASMR Sleep, Tinnitus Relief, against Sleeping Problems and for Stress Reduction, but without turning the Screen into complete darkness. I decided to publish this dimmed screen video, because I just love making the visuals and I think that your relaxation will also benefit from it.

As always I put much effort into the visual composition combining different videos and graphics that I had recorded earlier on. the sound layers consist of 4 different recording, combining them to one harmonic pattern. I mixed the sounds over my surround system, therefore I would be really pleased if you could write me a comment on how you like the audio/visual layers.

? I recommend listening to the video at low volume, so you have the best relaxing feeling. Enjoy it!

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