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Media Art, Editing and Voiceover by Thorsten Wenning

Thunderstorm Sounds for Sleeping

I just finished a new Thunderstorm Sounds for Sleeping Composition as a Dimmed Screen Video and yes I have a passion for mountains. ?

You may use the video for Relaxing Sleep, ASMR Sleep, Stress Relief, Tinnitus Relief and especially for Stress Reduction. I hope that the Pure Relaxing Vibes community likes my new approach on the videos, because this time I outlined and stamped out mountains of pictures I made in China in 2019.

Combining them with the moon, clouds a new rain animation and some color correction complemented this composition. For me it somehow feels like a litte visual fairy tale. For the sound part it was kind of difficult to create a harmonic thunder pattern, but after some time in the editing process I’m now really happy with the outcome. As always I’m looking really forward to read your comments.

? I recommend listening to the video at low volume, so you have the best relaxing feeling. Enjoy it!

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